Catering Equipment Services Ltd is delighted to introduce a lease payment option to its customers via Belfast-based leasing firm Grenke.

CES recognises that commercial catering equipment purchases can be an expensive outlay for all businesses, both for existing as well as start-ups.  As a result, professional kitchens are often under-equipped,  are unable to upgrade to the equipment needed to meet the growing demands of their business or  are using old equipment that is increasingly costing more to service and maintain.

Leasing provides the perfect solution to enjoying the benefit of brand new equipment whilst preserving credit and managing budget.

Why Lease Commercial Catering Equipment?

  • No Large Upfront Costs – Most businesses earn revenue over time, but have to pay for equipment upfront.  Why pay out in one lump sum when you can pay smaller amounts over a period of time? Businesses prefer to pay as they use!
  • Cash – Cash is king and it makes sense to use it for expansion or critical business needs.  Leasing for commercial catering equipment preserves precious cash.
  • Budget Management – Leasing ensures a fixed manageable payment, irrespective of interest rate rises.  The cost of rental is fixed, enabling accurate budgeting.
  • Equipment Upgrades – Take advantage of catering equipment upgrades at the time of your choosing and at a reasonable cost.  By contrast, a business that owns catering equipment can only upgrade by re-investing and disposing of the existing asset.
  • Flexible Payment Levels – Businesses can choose the payment level, ranging from 1 to 5 years, meaning they can have the equipment they need at the price they are comfortable with.

Who Can Lease Commercial Catering Equipment?

Any company! From established businesses looking to upgrade their equipment to start-up companies who need support via leasing to launch their new venture –  a simple, fast check by Grenke  confirms if your lease application is successful.

To find out more about our new leasing option, please contact the CES Sales team on 02890 491616 or email

Grenke Leasing Options